Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's been a long time

I'm going to attempt to sew a pair if pants. I don't think I've actually made something since high school. The sewing samples from my design class in college don't really count. The package does say 'Beginner', which might being putting too much faith in my sewing skills. Now to find some fabric. I'll post pics of the process and final product

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shopping trip

I've finally done it! And by 'I' I mean we and by 'we' I mean Kate and I.

The other day I went over to Kate's house and put together some sweet looks from the shopping trip we had a few weeks ago. We created an amateur photo shoot, which let me tell you is a lot harder than it looks. Let me preface these photos by saying Ms. Kate is an amazing model and I loved shooting her. My only wish is that my camera had a faster shutter speed.

This first look is a favorite because it's so cute and easy to put together. The blouse is adorable, it has little green hearts on it!

trees make her contemplative

This next look I love to wear often, it's great when you're in a rush and need something fun quickly. A fitted blazer with a flow-y blouse creates structure and still maintains femininity.

She's actually composing a symphony, doesn't even have to look

Sometimes I get lazy when it comes to getting dressed, but I think I'd rather be lazy in this sweater. I mean, it has hearts on the elbows. That's awesome. I just realized the heart theme, key the eighties hair-band music!

Harry Potter book definitely required

The holidays are coming up and that means parties/ get togethers/ I feel like dressing fancy today dammit. This calls for metallics and a metallic skirt is an easy way to wear the trend. I paired it with this beautiful dark green blouse, jewel tones stand out best against metallic pieces.

 It's just. so. fancy

Moving on.

Statement necklaces are the best way to add, well, a statement. Plus, turquoise makes for an easy jewelry piece to transition through the seasons.

AHHH! The adorable is blinding!

I have to confess this outfit was complete indulgence on my part. Don't get me wrong jean jackets are cool, but this one takes the cake. First, we have the normal look

Just hangin' by a fence, no biggie

This next one is just the best

 Yes, just yes. If you don't know this character then you can jist git out! I'm kidding please stay, I need you!

Robin Sparkles is probably the best pop star to come out of comedy television programming way ahead of Hannah Montana.

Kate wants to go to the

I really want her to wear this jacket like it ain't no thang because it's the coolest jean jacket I've ever seen! 
I'll understand if she doesn't

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I love a good blouse especially a printed one. I put on a big pashmina to add an easy accessory. 
Side note: walking shots are hard to take...that's all I've got

And finally, I was inspired by the small path that runs along the side of Kate's house. The dress was something she had already, I just wanted a whimsical looking shot. 

So much whimsy! It's like Narnia...or something

I wanted to create looks that Kate was comfortable in and easy for her to recreate. Not to toot my own horn but I think she looks fabulous. Aaaaand if you ever want my help shopping, picking out outfits, or just want style advice I'm more than happy to help. Making my friends stylish is one of my greatest joys

Style on warriors!