Monday, December 14, 2015

Fashion Girl Guide: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every year among the holiday party invitations you'll find the ugly christmas sweater party. Oh the joy of digging through the thrift store racks to come across that most special of sweaters. But how do you know if you've found the most perfect of uggo sweaters?

Is there bedazzling/beading? Check

Applique Snowmen/Reindeer/Santa/etc? Check

Bonus points: Does it light up and/or play music? Check and check! 

You found a winner! Now it's time to get drunk on eggnog and listen to bad karaoke. 

However, what are you going to wear with this holiest of nasty-ass acrylic frankenstein of a garment? Now you gotta add in some fashion, but still have fun with your look. 

Below I put together a few looks to add a bit of fashion girl sensibility so you can stand out among the back-of-the-rack ugly christmas sweaters. 

The Sweater

Behold! I dug this beauty up at the arc; I was so proud of my find. It even came complete with a mystery stain and shoulder pads. Winner!

Can't you just smell the thrift store mustyness?

Of course there's a snowman on the back, it just wouldn't be right without him.

Keepin' it Casual

Layer your new gem over a long button up for a classic but cool look and pair with leather leggings. Killer heels take this sweater look up a notch to add a bit of sexiness where there would otherwise be nothing but celibacy. 

Rock n' Roll

You don't want to lose your edge even though you're wearing the equivalent of a church lady who's decided to go 'crazy' this season and bedazzle the crap out of everything because it's 'festive'. So to remedy the soft squishy snowmen cramping your style, add your favorite band tee and acid wash jeans to keep the cool factor up. Spiked strappy heels only add to the badass vibe. Don't let the man get you down girl.

Embracing the Sparkle

Alright, so you've decided to go with it and have some fun. More sequins please! A leather a-line skirt keeps the sparkle in check and the lace pointed flats give off effortless french girl chic. Don't forget matching sparkling accessories, no space is safe from sparkle!

Dammit, I'm Gonna Make This Pretty!

Ugly is not part of your vernacular, nor will you find it in your wardrobe so why should you let a silly poly-blend fashion catastrophe cramp your style!? You are going to make this work. A flowy cocktail dress with matching feminine heels should do the trick. Add a gold bag and jewelry and just breathe easy and enjoy the party.

Do you have an ugly christmas sweater party coming up? Let me know in the comments below how you're going to style your itchy red and green monstrosity.

Happy Holidays and style on little warriors!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Finding Your Matching Scent and Style

The scent we choose says a lot about us, just like our personal style. And sometimes we're in the mood to find a new scent, but one that compliments who we are. Fragrances are typically divided between floral, fresh/citrus, natural/earthy, heavy, and sweet. I've put together a short shopping guide of styles and they're matching scents, each one representing a different girl. Let me know what your favorite scent is in the comments below. Style on little warriors!


Traditional floral notes always bring to mind classic style coupled with playfulness. A fun graphic midi wrap skirt paired with knee-high boots is classy and a twist on traditional style. Dahlia & Vines by Nest Fragrances has notes of daffodil, peony, rose, and garden vines—a literal bouquet of fragrance. Plus, I'm a sucker for packaging and this bottle is reeeeally calling my name (I must have it). 


Daisy Marc Jacobs

Flora by Gucci

Rosabotanica Balenciaga

Flowerbotanica Viktor & Rolf


The fresh scent from a light fragrance with notes of citrus always remind me of clean lines—a girl who's into the minimalist style and has it nailed down pat. She always has this on point style and looks as if she spent the day taking street style pictures for her blog. See by Chloé Eau Fraîche is a classic fresh scent with notes of water hyacinth, apple blossom, and bright jasmine—clean and feminine but not too girly. 


Ralph Ralph Lauren

Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana

Absolu Tory Burch

Simone Tocca Beauty


Not to be confused with the patchouli loving earth mother who owns that incense shop and vaguely reminds you of Professor Trelawny (too much detail?), this girl loves earthy scents. She's a free spirit, but is still style conscious and has a bit of a boho flair. White Woods by Clean has notes of Bergamot Leaves, Mandarin, Black Pepper, Vanilla Orchid and Sandalwood and evokes feelings of, and I quote: "a warm, luxurious scent that embodies the pure essence of natural light dancing along a quiet wooded path." Yeah...okay it's a little hippy dippy but the scent is lovely. 


Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc Bvlgari

for her Narcisso Rodriguez

Angle Thierry Mugler

Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette Jimmy Choo


When I think of heavier, amber scents it reminds me of my grandma and Elizabeth Arden. It was her favorite scent and my mind immediately jumps to her whenever I come across it. It was dark and somewhat sweet and warm. I think of a cool/moody fashion girl who looks to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for style inspiration, hence my choice of Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black. 


Prada Amber Prada

Black Orchid Tom Ford

Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

Femme Fatale Collection- Bulletproof No. 45 TokyoMilk Dark


She's bubbly, she's upbeat, she's...well, sweet! I didn't want to go to literal and girly with this look because this girl has style. She likes a clean look with a bit of feminine flair. Burberry Brit Sheer is the epitome of this girl, sweet scent with a clean finish and notes of citrus and sugar. 


Pure Vanilla Fragrance Lavanilla

Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture

Dot Marc Jacobs

Candy Prada

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fashion Girl Gift Guide

Oh the joy of Christmas shopping, it brings out the best in us...until we gotta elbow our way through the mall. And if you're like me, you spend a lot of time looking for the perfect gift for your friends/family/SO. Otherwise the holiday's are pretty much ruined because how could you buy another scarf for your mom? She has, like, 10 identical ones and you're pretty sure you've never seen her wear them.

Okay, take a deep breath. We'll get through this together. I put together a fashion gift guide or anything gift guide for your shopping list this season. Sorry dudes, I got nothin' for ya. You can head over to for some awesome ideas for the guys on your list. 

Let this guide be your excuse to avoid the stress of finding a parking spot at the mall and pushing past moms with strollers walking at the pace of a melting glacier. Move people! There's shopping to do!

Disclaimer: I was walking through Free People the other day because they had re-opened the store. It was beautiful and inspired me to write up this gift guide. Soooo, a lot of these items are from Free People, Anthropologie, and a few from Urban. Just so's you know. Enjoy!

Trinkets and Things

1. Leather Zodiac Pouch, Anthropologie, $49.50 2. Kate Spade New York 'Mask' Bottle Opener, Kate Spade, $40 3. Astre Bobby Set, Anthropologie, $32 4. Performance Artist Keychain, Anthropologie, $48 5. Sweet Briar Notebooks, Anthropologie, $12.95

For the friend who has everything, give her something unexpected!

Fashion Nerd

1. Dries Van Noten, Anthropologie, $90 2. Pradasphere, Anthropologie, $150 3. Good Things to Drink with Mr Lyan and Friends, Anthropologie, $29.99 4. Love, Style, Life, Anthropologie, $30
Brush up on your fashion knowledge...or just look at the cool pictures.

A Little Sparkle

1. Pyrite Mixed Shape Ring, Free People $88 2. Petra Shimmer Cuff, Gorjana, $58 3. Traveling Chain Drape Earring, Alexis Bittar, $122.50 4. Rock Dish, Michael Aram, $140 5. Ceramic Ring Cone, Anthropologie, $38
Who doesn't love sparkly things and stuff? Or give the gift of jewelry storage. This cool rock dish is great for random rings and things or give them these hand-painted ring cones.

Accessorize Yo'self

1. Big Sky Half Up Holder, Free People, $24 2. Quay My Girl Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters, $50 3. Koda Brushed Scarf, Free People, $48 4. Embellished Fringe Clutch, Free People, $128 5. Liberty Crown, Free People, $88
For your eclectic friend who ain't afraid to rock a crown, look at that thing! 

Tech Toys

1. Power Bank Charger, Free People, $28 2. Ambrosia Maple Phone Dock, Free People, $75 3. 'Selfies' iPhone Case, Nordstrom, $26
These gifts are perfect for anyone really, but you know that friend who loves a new gadget or phone accessory will really appreciate these. 

Spa Day

1. Copper Engraved Candle, Free People, $40 2. Tocca Wanderlust Gift Set, Anthropologie, $48 3. Relaxation Gift Box, Free People, $42
Give someone (probably mom) the gift of relaxation. These simple gift sets are what they need for a little 'me time'. 


1. Ecote Metallic Surplice Skirted Romper, Urban Outfitters, $64 2. Cozy Velvet Shirt Dress, Free People, $218 3. Ecote Sherpa Vest, Urban Outfitters, $89 4. Silence + Noise Natalie Surplice Top, Urban Outfitters, $69 5. Eye Snake Poncho, Urban Outfitters, $49
If you're confident in your friend knowledge then take the plunge and gift her something she can wear. You have to be sure in her style, but a cool shearling vest or metallic romper is an easy pick.

Let me know what you think or what your holiday gift ideas are and style on little warriors!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

For the Love of Chelsea

I love ankle boots. I’ve already confessed how many pairs I own, and the collection has grown since, so it’s no surprise. My recent obsession is the Chelsea boot, a comfortable cool ankle boot for everyday. The elastic panels making them easy to slip on and off only put them higher on my list of favorite shoes. I love a pointed toe and low heel in black leather, but of course any other color I come across finds a space in my heart. I’ve put together a shopping list of cute Chelsea boots to add to your rotation this fall/winter. Trust me, they will become your go-to for pretty much any outfit.

ASOS AVA Suede Pointed Chelsea Boots

Lipstik Shoes Marvelz Vegan Leather Boot
Marc Fisher LTD Mallory

Report Signature Iggby Snakeskin Chelsea Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Harvell Suede Ankle Boot

Zara High-Heel Leopard Printed Leather Ankle Boots

Saturday, November 7, 2015

4 Ways to Transform Your Sweaters

I will say it time and time again I love fall/winter because it means I can layer up and wear more clothes. Sweaters are my most favorite because—layers. The only problem is you don’t want to get swallowed by the clothes, you need to have some accents, i.e. accessories. Adding the small details can take a look to the next level and away from blah.

Below are a few layering/accessory combos to make you stand out from the sea of boring.

The Skirt Effect

I love the origami look of this dress. With a sweater layered over you’re left with a cool skirt. Add gold accessories, suede booties and crossbody bag and you’re set to conquer the day.

Layering with Paisley

For a 70s vibe (very popular on the runways) layer an oversized sweater over a floral blouse with secretary bow. Balance out the top with flare jeans that are fitted through the knee and add suede accessories to polish off the look.

Prints on Prints

A check print sweater with a large plaid printed poncho vest is an easy way to mix prints. It’s all about balance—simplified print with a large print, or small repeating print with simple large print. To balance your flowy top half, pull on a knit pencil skirt for effortless and casual chic. Get crazy with mixing colors in your accessories, because why not! (Hint: all the colors in this look are primary colors, making it easy for them to go together)

Graphic Sweater

A cool graphic sweater looks even cooler with a patterned scarf adding dimension and more color. Keep your look relaxed with distressed boyfriend jeans and some cool cut-out ankle boots. And don’t forget glossy lips!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No More Black Pea Coats!

Every season I start looking at coats and am so over the sea of black pea coats or black in general. I want something with style and color! I’m also finding I need a wool blend if I want to stay remotely warm in the Colorado winter. The temps are starting to drop and a light jacket or blazer just isn’t cutting it anymore, so I’ve rounded up a few coats for inspiration. Now get to shopping!

H&M Wool Blend Twill Coat

Also doubles as classy-ass robe

H&M Wool Blend Biker Coat

This one is high on my 'want' list

Forever 21 Longline Wool-Blend Coat

Lovin' the wide lapels and more importantly: it's olive

Forever 21 Longline Genuine Suede Jacket

Suede! Rust colored! So many feels!

Zara Alpaca Coat

It is my dream to own an alpaca, but this coat comes close....someday alpaca, someday

Zara Wool Coat with Zip

To me, this coat says "I keep things classy, but I'm also a cool bitch." I would like to have this coat

Free People Faux Shearling Wrap Coat

Welp, this is pretty much badass

Kenneth Cole New York 'Teddy Bear' Faux Fur Clutch Coat

It's pink and it's fuzzy and if you don't want to cuddle with it then you have no soul

Let me know what's on your want list for winter coats in the comments below.
Stye on little warriors!