Friday, November 27, 2015

Finding Your Matching Scent and Style

The scent we choose says a lot about us, just like our personal style. And sometimes we're in the mood to find a new scent, but one that compliments who we are. Fragrances are typically divided between floral, fresh/citrus, natural/earthy, heavy, and sweet. I've put together a short shopping guide of styles and they're matching scents, each one representing a different girl. Let me know what your favorite scent is in the comments below. Style on little warriors!


Traditional floral notes always bring to mind classic style coupled with playfulness. A fun graphic midi wrap skirt paired with knee-high boots is classy and a twist on traditional style. Dahlia & Vines by Nest Fragrances has notes of daffodil, peony, rose, and garden vines—a literal bouquet of fragrance. Plus, I'm a sucker for packaging and this bottle is reeeeally calling my name (I must have it). 


Daisy Marc Jacobs

Flora by Gucci

Rosabotanica Balenciaga

Flowerbotanica Viktor & Rolf


The fresh scent from a light fragrance with notes of citrus always remind me of clean lines—a girl who's into the minimalist style and has it nailed down pat. She always has this on point style and looks as if she spent the day taking street style pictures for her blog. See by Chloé Eau Fraîche is a classic fresh scent with notes of water hyacinth, apple blossom, and bright jasmine—clean and feminine but not too girly. 


Ralph Ralph Lauren

Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana

Absolu Tory Burch

Simone Tocca Beauty


Not to be confused with the patchouli loving earth mother who owns that incense shop and vaguely reminds you of Professor Trelawny (too much detail?), this girl loves earthy scents. She's a free spirit, but is still style conscious and has a bit of a boho flair. White Woods by Clean has notes of Bergamot Leaves, Mandarin, Black Pepper, Vanilla Orchid and Sandalwood and evokes feelings of, and I quote: "a warm, luxurious scent that embodies the pure essence of natural light dancing along a quiet wooded path." Yeah...okay it's a little hippy dippy but the scent is lovely. 


Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc Bvlgari

for her Narcisso Rodriguez

Angle Thierry Mugler

Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette Jimmy Choo


When I think of heavier, amber scents it reminds me of my grandma and Elizabeth Arden. It was her favorite scent and my mind immediately jumps to her whenever I come across it. It was dark and somewhat sweet and warm. I think of a cool/moody fashion girl who looks to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for style inspiration, hence my choice of Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black. 


Prada Amber Prada

Black Orchid Tom Ford

Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

Femme Fatale Collection- Bulletproof No. 45 TokyoMilk Dark


She's bubbly, she's upbeat, she's...well, sweet! I didn't want to go to literal and girly with this look because this girl has style. She likes a clean look with a bit of feminine flair. Burberry Brit Sheer is the epitome of this girl, sweet scent with a clean finish and notes of citrus and sugar. 


Pure Vanilla Fragrance Lavanilla

Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture

Dot Marc Jacobs

Candy Prada


  1. Yessss. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is on my Christmas list this year! (and by Christmas list, I mean what I'm gonna splurge on for myself when Christmas is over)