Monday, July 22, 2013

Pants off, dance off

I'll be honest, I feel awkward in front of the camera. Once in awhile I'll have a decent candid photo, but it's rare. Today Morgan suggested we take photos of my outfit because I was rockin' some awesome pantalons. I remembered why I can't model so here you go!

Like I said, I can't model. I make weird awkward faces that would make Tyra cringe. I always have Tyra in mind when people happen to be taking pictures of me. These are the best of the batch, though. 

Enough about my poor excuse for posing. These pants are so comfortable and light weight and I found them at Target. At Target! For the win!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trend Forecasting

Recently I applied to be the Associate Trend Forecaster for Nordstrom. As you can imagine I was very excited, this was the dream job. I already worked for the company and I have a degree in apparel merchandising, I was two for two! I waited for weeks to hear back from the recruiter and the day finally came. I was chosen to take part in the interviewing process.

This was no normal interview, which I loved because it required my creativity and was a nice distraction from work. Sometimes a little bit too much of a distraction (oops)! The first step was a small three part project, and when they say small they mean kinda big. I was to watch the movie The Piano first and then create an inspiration board taking photos from the film and any other type of picture that I found inspiring. Then I was to create a trend board for Fall 2014 from that inspiration board. If you've never seen The Piano or even if you have it is the most uninspiring movie for fashion I have ever encountered. If it was any other day I might have enjoyed the film because it stars a mute Holly Hunter and I find her voice rather annoying.

I sat there for quite awhile tugging at my brain for some tiny iota of inspiration and eventually came up with something as you will see below. I didn't want to be too literal because it is a period piece, but I also didn't want to stray too far either.

The second part was to do a store report and create a visual storyboard on a store/boutique of your choice. I chose local boutique, Fancy Tiger, in Denver that was nice enough to let me take pictures of the inside of their store.

The third part of the project was to show off your personal fashion taste and create a trend board for Fall 2014. I had a blonde moment when I first read that, thinking "Well how am I supposed to know what's going to be in trend next year? Oh yeah, that'll be my job." I'm super smart.

I submitted the project and kept my fingers crossed and tried to keep the most positive mindset possible hoping my good vibes would reach the recruiter and hiring manager. About a week later I received the email saying they had decided to continue on with other candidates.

Seriously?! I was heartbroken. But I had to move on and couldn't dwell for too long on the negative. I wiped my tears and told myself something else even more amazing was going to come along and I was going to dominate it!

So below is the project in its entirety. I thought my blog would be a good place to showcase it where it will receive the love and attention it deserves. Enjoy!

Inspiration Board

Trend Board

Store Report

Trend Board
I want to thank all of my friends who listened to my incessant whining and kept my spirits up with their encouraging words, this is dedicated to all of you!

Style on little warriors!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

She's got legs, she knows how to use 'em

"Have you met Morgan? She's a dancer. Look at her legs!"

This is how we usually introduce our friend Morgan to other people. This is also why I chose her to be my model because she looks fabulous and is pretty much game for anything.

I chose a couple summer looks and used the beautiful Roxborough Park as the backdrop. Also, Morgan lives in Roxborough so it was sort of a convenience thing.

Look at those legs! I just had to do that, moving on

I don't care what insecure people say, hats are making a comeback! It is becoming more acceptable to rock a fedora or even something as fantastic as this wide-brim hat. The hat was the inspiration for the outfit and I love it. I paired black lace shorts with this blouse tank with leather trim and pockets. It is easy enough to wear for any casual occasion and isn't sloppy. Did I mention I love the hat? I love the hat. 

WARNING! The next couple of pictures are full of so much fabulosity Kimora Lee would pass out.

I'm like totally melting into this rock

This is by far my top fave
Sooo I'm a little obsessed with the photos I took of Morgan in this outfit. I couldn't pick just one because they were all so damn fabulous! The floral top is sheer so I layered a faux leather bustier underneath and paired it with high waisted shorts. Here's the thing you need to remember with the cut-off top trend: you must wear high waisted bottoms with the top. There should only be a little space between the top and the bottom. It's called modesty, become friendly with it.

She looks like a regal lioness on the serengeti 

A chambray top is a staple everyone needs in their wardrobe. This one I paired with a high-low dress. The shirt has a southwestern vibe from the pattern on the yoke and adds some casualty for a daytime look. 

Oh! And we saw a deer and I was super excited

It seems lately the go-to fashion style is what I like to call 'festival go-er', which means everyone and their mom looks like they're going to Coachella. It's a fun casual look, but I don't think it's easy to wear most of the pieces. There's a lot of mid-riff showing and cut-offs with the pockets hanging out. Didn't Britney Spears wear those a few years ago, pre head shaving, with Uggs? While I may not be able to pull of most of the looks part of this trend my fabulous model Morgan here can. 

"Oh, what? Yeah, just hangin' out looking awesome. nbd"

Who knew a tennis court could be so inspiring

Add caption
I know earlier I stated that if you're wearing a cropped top you should probably consider wearing high waisted bottoms. These last pictures kind of spit in the face of that statement and say "F you, that's what!" First off, Morgan can rock this and not many people can. Second, these are actually my shorts and they are high waisted. I, however, do not possess the lithe waistline like my companion here and am therefore not a model. Before we started taking the photos I thought the shorts were going to fall off her hips!

In conclusion, Morgan is fabulous and I hope you have a some inspiration for the summer.

Style on little warriors!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I'm gonna start with a little promotion here and say I love I read it almost everyday to get my daily dose of fashion and perhaps a little celebrity gossip. Today I was reading an article about awful trends that have died and need to remain in the grave. They were pretty spot-on with everything. I mean, were fur covered boots really that cool? They were glorified mops and now Go-Go dancers wear them, sooo there's that. It was a funny post but one of my favorite quotes was "Because Snookie is where trends go to die." 

Truth. Dying. 

Just had to share that little gem

        (Photo courtesy of