Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trend Forecasting

Recently I applied to be the Associate Trend Forecaster for Nordstrom. As you can imagine I was very excited, this was the dream job. I already worked for the company and I have a degree in apparel merchandising, I was two for two! I waited for weeks to hear back from the recruiter and the day finally came. I was chosen to take part in the interviewing process.

This was no normal interview, which I loved because it required my creativity and was a nice distraction from work. Sometimes a little bit too much of a distraction (oops)! The first step was a small three part project, and when they say small they mean kinda big. I was to watch the movie The Piano first and then create an inspiration board taking photos from the film and any other type of picture that I found inspiring. Then I was to create a trend board for Fall 2014 from that inspiration board. If you've never seen The Piano or even if you have it is the most uninspiring movie for fashion I have ever encountered. If it was any other day I might have enjoyed the film because it stars a mute Holly Hunter and I find her voice rather annoying.

I sat there for quite awhile tugging at my brain for some tiny iota of inspiration and eventually came up with something as you will see below. I didn't want to be too literal because it is a period piece, but I also didn't want to stray too far either.

The second part was to do a store report and create a visual storyboard on a store/boutique of your choice. I chose local boutique, Fancy Tiger, in Denver that was nice enough to let me take pictures of the inside of their store.

The third part of the project was to show off your personal fashion taste and create a trend board for Fall 2014. I had a blonde moment when I first read that, thinking "Well how am I supposed to know what's going to be in trend next year? Oh yeah, that'll be my job." I'm super smart.

I submitted the project and kept my fingers crossed and tried to keep the most positive mindset possible hoping my good vibes would reach the recruiter and hiring manager. About a week later I received the email saying they had decided to continue on with other candidates.

Seriously?! I was heartbroken. But I had to move on and couldn't dwell for too long on the negative. I wiped my tears and told myself something else even more amazing was going to come along and I was going to dominate it!

So below is the project in its entirety. I thought my blog would be a good place to showcase it where it will receive the love and attention it deserves. Enjoy!

Inspiration Board

Trend Board

Store Report

Trend Board
I want to thank all of my friends who listened to my incessant whining and kept my spirits up with their encouraging words, this is dedicated to all of you!

Style on little warriors!


  1. OMG, LOVE. And, I hate Holly Hunter's voice too!!!

  2. Love you J. Gibbs! Sorry I didn't get to hear all the ins and outs from Boston, but you know I am always in your corner supporting you.

    1. Thanks chica! I can't wait to see at the end of August!!