Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No More Black Pea Coats!

Every season I start looking at coats and am so over the sea of black pea coats or black in general. I want something with style and color! I’m also finding I need a wool blend if I want to stay remotely warm in the Colorado winter. The temps are starting to drop and a light jacket or blazer just isn’t cutting it anymore, so I’ve rounded up a few coats for inspiration. Now get to shopping!

H&M Wool Blend Twill Coat

Also doubles as classy-ass robe

H&M Wool Blend Biker Coat

This one is high on my 'want' list

Forever 21 Longline Wool-Blend Coat

Lovin' the wide lapels and more importantly: it's olive

Forever 21 Longline Genuine Suede Jacket

Suede! Rust colored! So many feels!

Zara Alpaca Coat

It is my dream to own an alpaca, but this coat comes close....someday alpaca, someday

Zara Wool Coat with Zip

To me, this coat says "I keep things classy, but I'm also a cool bitch." I would like to have this coat

Free People Faux Shearling Wrap Coat

Welp, this is pretty much badass

Kenneth Cole New York 'Teddy Bear' Faux Fur Clutch Coat

It's pink and it's fuzzy and if you don't want to cuddle with it then you have no soul

Let me know what's on your want list for winter coats in the comments below.
Stye on little warriors!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Stop Telling Me What I Need/Should Have in my Wardrobe

The Three Items You Need For Fall!

Fashion Must-Haves For Your Closet!

You Are NOBODY Without These 5 Shoes!

That's all I see every time I open my mailbox, blogs and fashion sites telling me I need certain essential items in my sartorial arsenal, otherwise I've failed as a fashion girl. Well, thanks for the tips but it's a bit bombarding and frankly, they all turn out to be the same thing. I've written blog posts about fall essentials because it's fun to pick favorites for the coming season, but I want something original from my favorite fashion sites....or at the very least different blog titles.

Below, I've picked looks and pieces that I'm currently loving and you can take it or leave it. I'm not going to make you feel bad if you don't have any of these looks in your wardrobe or care if you think I'm crazy for even picking these fashions. But here they are, my fall favorites.

Loafer Love

You can't go wrong with flats. Actually, I take that back, there's a lot that can go bad with flats. Blisters being the number one culprit, but I digress. This season I'm in love with loafers, they're comfy and classic and look really good with boyfriend jeans. Just effortless cool mixed with vintage class.

I've been saving up to buy this pair of Everlane loafers, and I can't wait any longer! I dream about them and it's totally not a problem!

70's Style

I've been on the hunt for a secretary bow blouse in just the right print, it's hard to find the right color combinations. Zara had an awesome fall collection with 70's inspired looks—so much velvet and paisley, mmmm. I think I like this style because it means high-waisted pants and bell bottoms, both of which are my friend since I have short legs and a long torso. Plus, you kind of feel like a rockstar, all you need are some platforms and you're set. For Fall RTW, Anna Sui hit all the right notes (and usually does when it comes to bohemian style) with her collection of viking/Nordic/Swedish inspiration. What I love about the 70's style revival is not the bohemian element but more the everyday fashionable girl from that era, you can keep your kimono's and beaded headbands thank you very much!

Bells and Flares and Whistles

I was a little hesitant about the return of flared jeans, but then I remembered they make your butt look awesome and elongate your legs. You can find cropped flared jeans, something I'm still trying to accept. I've seen many street style pics of people rocking them, but I don't know if I'm ready.

Currently, I'm looking for a high-waisted pair which I already spelled out my love for, above. They're a nice style to throw in the mix of boyfriend and skinny jeans, but let me be clear: I refuse to give up my skinnies! I don't care how many blogs say they're walking out the style door, they're the best kind of jeans I own—I live in them.

 Valentino Couture Fall 2015

All of it, I love all of it! This collection blew everyone out of the water who showed couture this season. It was dark, romantic and oh so Roman Italian. Every look had sex appeal and a softness of pleated tulle and sheer chiffon. Now, my wallet in no way can give me a couture gown, but I will be using the collection as inspiration for nighttime looks. 

It was hard to pick only a few, but I narrowed it down to these three. To see the whole show click here for couture awesome-ness

 Happy Fall and style on little warriors! Now go shopping!