Monday, July 22, 2013

Pants off, dance off

I'll be honest, I feel awkward in front of the camera. Once in awhile I'll have a decent candid photo, but it's rare. Today Morgan suggested we take photos of my outfit because I was rockin' some awesome pantalons. I remembered why I can't model so here you go!

Like I said, I can't model. I make weird awkward faces that would make Tyra cringe. I always have Tyra in mind when people happen to be taking pictures of me. These are the best of the batch, though. 

Enough about my poor excuse for posing. These pants are so comfortable and light weight and I found them at Target. At Target! For the win!

Style on little warriors!


  1. Ok but actually I have photographic evidence from my 23rd birthday that proves you ROCK the hardcore model stare. I will find them and post them all over as proof. Just you wait.