Monday, December 14, 2015

Fashion Girl Guide: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every year among the holiday party invitations you'll find the ugly christmas sweater party. Oh the joy of digging through the thrift store racks to come across that most special of sweaters. But how do you know if you've found the most perfect of uggo sweaters?

Is there bedazzling/beading? Check

Applique Snowmen/Reindeer/Santa/etc? Check

Bonus points: Does it light up and/or play music? Check and check! 

You found a winner! Now it's time to get drunk on eggnog and listen to bad karaoke. 

However, what are you going to wear with this holiest of nasty-ass acrylic frankenstein of a garment? Now you gotta add in some fashion, but still have fun with your look. 

Below I put together a few looks to add a bit of fashion girl sensibility so you can stand out among the back-of-the-rack ugly christmas sweaters. 

The Sweater

Behold! I dug this beauty up at the arc; I was so proud of my find. It even came complete with a mystery stain and shoulder pads. Winner!

Can't you just smell the thrift store mustyness?

Of course there's a snowman on the back, it just wouldn't be right without him.

Keepin' it Casual

Layer your new gem over a long button up for a classic but cool look and pair with leather leggings. Killer heels take this sweater look up a notch to add a bit of sexiness where there would otherwise be nothing but celibacy. 

Rock n' Roll

You don't want to lose your edge even though you're wearing the equivalent of a church lady who's decided to go 'crazy' this season and bedazzle the crap out of everything because it's 'festive'. So to remedy the soft squishy snowmen cramping your style, add your favorite band tee and acid wash jeans to keep the cool factor up. Spiked strappy heels only add to the badass vibe. Don't let the man get you down girl.

Embracing the Sparkle

Alright, so you've decided to go with it and have some fun. More sequins please! A leather a-line skirt keeps the sparkle in check and the lace pointed flats give off effortless french girl chic. Don't forget matching sparkling accessories, no space is safe from sparkle!

Dammit, I'm Gonna Make This Pretty!

Ugly is not part of your vernacular, nor will you find it in your wardrobe so why should you let a silly poly-blend fashion catastrophe cramp your style!? You are going to make this work. A flowy cocktail dress with matching feminine heels should do the trick. Add a gold bag and jewelry and just breathe easy and enjoy the party.

Do you have an ugly christmas sweater party coming up? Let me know in the comments below how you're going to style your itchy red and green monstrosity.

Happy Holidays and style on little warriors!

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