Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Fashion Staples

There are some pieces of clothing we keep coming back to every time we shop. It fits us right, it goes with most everything in our closets, and it makes us feel good. I have accumulated over the years several types of clothing and accessory items in different cuts and fabrications. To the "untrained" eye it might seem as if I purchased the same item in bulk, but you know nothing! I needed all of them for...things and outfits and such.

When I look at my closet/ dresser I've come to realize there are certain pieces I keep buying. I lie to myself and point out the differences between this leather legging and the three others I already have.

"But this pair is more like a matte leather and not shiny like my other pair."...just sayin'.

Here is my list of fashion staples that I usually have in multiples. These pieces easily mix with many other items so it's easy to justify their purchase.

1. Leather Leggings

I mentioned before owning three pairs of (faux) leather leggings. This is not an exaggeration. However! they are different from each other and I reeeeally need them all. And to cap it all off I just bought another pair the other day. They were $8 and high-waisted so of course I had to have them. Don't judge.

I highly suggest purchasing a pair of leather leggings, especially if you are fully committed to the leggings as pants lifestyle. Leather leggings help elevate a look and add a bit of interest to your outfit. I like to pair mine with a longer blouse and some knee-high boots or they look great with a chambray button up. If you're feeling a bit dominatrix-like, pair them with a structured leather top and high heeled ankle boots. Boom! Chic sex kitten!

2. Black Ankle Boots

This one was interesting because as I counted my pairs of ankle boots in my head I realized I may have a slight addiction. As of now I have five, well six actually. I ordered a pair for fall that came in the mail the other day. They're my weakness!

Black ankle boots are my ultimate versatile shoe and go-to footwear choice. They work with almost everything and can help an outfit make a kick-ass statement or make a super feminine dress more practical for daytime. Sometimes I choose them over heels when going out. They still have a heel but are more comfortable to drunkenly stumble home in.

3. Striped tee/ blouse/ anything honestly

My biggest addiction I happily own up to is striped tops. I love big bold stripes, thin sailor type stripes mostly in black and white. I can't get enough! The French have it right with the striped bateau top. It's so easy and chic paired with jeans, a bright swingy skirt, or leather leggings! Double points combo! Pew pew pew (that's me making Yosemite Sam gun shots with my hands in self congratulations).

And it's not just tees but blouses as well. I find I have several. Blouses can dress up a look slightly, but the stripe is still casual enough where you don't feel overdressed. Oh, and before I forget: horizontal stripes always and forever.

4. Floral Blouses

I wouldn't necessarily say it's a problem to have several floral tips as they can vary so much from each other. A floral blouse is great to wear with a blazer thrown over and some skinny jeans. Or even tucked into a skirt. I ten to purchase blacked based tops with large floral prints. Large floral is key! I am not a teenager anymore and don't really feel like wearing the tiny floral print you find spattered on every baby doll dress and skate skirt.

If you're feeling daring you can mix the florals with the stripes. Make sure if you have a large floral pattern then pair it with a skinnier stripe and vice versa. This is probably the easiest pattern mixing option to try if you're just starting out.

5. White tee's and tops

I am my mother's daughter. The woman loves a good white cotton tee and I give her crap for it every time we're out shopping together. Of course, I find myself doing the same thing so I think I'll keep my mouth shut next time. I, however, like variations on the white tee. I have an oversized white top, a button up chiffon blouse, a printed white collared long and short sleeve top. My ultimate weakness is the white v-neck tee. It easily pairs with jeans or under a blazer, or even a floral skirt. Which reminds me, I should probably get another one. Mine has been sufficiently loved.

These items on their own seem kind of boring or bland, but when I pair them with fun pieces in my wardrobe they add life to my outfit. Each of these pieces are a part of my fashion identity as well and have become a part of me. I guess that's why I keep coming back to them, they make me feel put together.

Let me know in the comments section what fashion pieces you can't live without or anything you buy in every color of the rainbow because, duh! Why not?

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