Sunday, September 14, 2014

An ode to hats, or something like that

"You know those hats like Samuel L. Jackson wears? Like the old newspaper boy hats?" asked my dad.

"Yeeeah...why, do you want one?" I replied.

"Well, no. But Greg at work bought one and we were telling him that he can't pull it off. Only Sam Jackson can wear those hats! And he says, 'Well ask Jess! See what she thinks.'"

This is not the first time my dad and I have had this type of conversation. Apparently, him and his co-workers argue talk about men's fashions quite often. Yet it always come down to me being the referee, the game changer, the final decision. I HOLD THE POWER! feels great.

My ruling on the case at hand is if you are going to wear a pageboy cap then you must either be the enigmatic Samuel L. Jackson, vanquisher of snakes on planes and one badass mofo, or you must commit to dressing to the nines. I'm talkin' a three piece tweed suit like you walked out of GQ editorial and are on your way to meet your supermodel girlfriend for cocktails. You'll probably order and Old Fashioned. Because you're classy.

This had me thinking about hats and how we wear them. Hats complete the look, but don't always create one. Take the above example with Greg and the pageboy cap; he was probably wearing it with jeans and a tee. Yeah, the hat is an interesting accessory, but it doesn't necessarily work with just any outfit. Most hats, excluding the baseball cap, work with a certain type of look. You won't see me rockin' some yoga pants and a tank with my floppy felt hat, that would be ridiculous. Conversely, you wouldn't really sport a baseball cap while channeling your inner Stevie Nicks bohemian goddess. Choose wisely.

Now for some hat inspiration!

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Beanie: the winter staple here in Colorado. Beware the weird smell that emanates from it around January/February
(photo courtesy of
One of my favorites: the wide brim fedora. It creates a little bit of class and a vintage feel
(photo courtesy of
The floppy hat is probably one of my most favorites. There's a little bit of mystery and it adds to the boho look that is so popular these days

(photo courtesy of
WARNING! Snapbacks are over and dumb and I really want them to go away. Maybe Rihanna can keep it going, but she's the exception. Okay, sermon over
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If you're a feeling particularly reminiscent and Blossom is also your spirit animal, the new bowler hat is a fun choice to put the finishing touches on an outfit. 
Next time you're thinking of donning a particular chapeau, pause. Ask yourself, does this complete my outfit? Would Samuel L. Jackson approve or yell at me and call me a mother f***er in all the most glorious ways he knows possible. These are things we need to consider.

Also, don't be afraid of hats either. There is a style out there, you just need to have fun with them and try anything that seems interesting to you. Plus, they are a great way to hide day three without a shower hair.

Style on little warriors.

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