Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What to wear, what to wear

I had a small spark of inspiration to make a few outfits of the day or more like outfits of the week. This is what I should be doing with my free time yet there's always something reeeally awesome on the Food Network (can I get a holla for Chopped)!

I took some time to put these looks together and I hope it sparks some inspiration for you.

Tiara not included
I hate how much I fell in love with this top. It has a little bit of edge being a crop top and muscle tee and then the declaration of Prom Queen sweetens it up. I must admit I feel like a princess when I wear it and feel compelled to slow wave like the Queen of England. It might also be the fact that this skirt rocks hard. It's so flowey and poofy and twirling is required when worn. I wanted to balance out the look with worn-in ankle boots that have a bit of a heel.

Laid back chic
I love this skirt and t-shirt combo because of how comfortable it is yet it looks put together. This is a great weekend look for hanging out or running errands and not subjecting yourself to wearing yoga pants. Sneakers are coming back into style as far as pairing them with unlikely outfits, and these blue ones a safe easy choice.

The closest I will get to wearing a festival outfit
I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I bought the fringed top. It's cropped, tight, and has...well, fringe. It's very much out of my comfort zone, but when I tried it on with these crochet shorts I felt like me again. I like the festival look for the most part, but have never really tried it for myself so this is me dipping my toes in the water. I think the accessories help elevate the outfit a little so I don't look completely like a Coachella transplant. 

I noticed this season many retailers had their own "Festival" lines of clothing because of the popularity of Coachella and the typical fashion you might find there. I thought it was so dumb and unoriginal for stores to point out this is what you need in order to look like a music festival goer. Half the fun of seeing pictures from the event was the unique fashion people came up with. Now we have companies spelling it out for us as if we can't figure things out on our own! Makes me shake my head. Sorry, rant over.

Translation: It's kind of dumb and childish 
Alright, so it says "I love bad boys" and again I hate how much I love it. At least it's in French so it takes people a moment to either figure it out or just go 'huh, neat French'. I'm hoping for the latter. In case you were wondering what the big black circle is, it's a floppy black hat and it absorbs any and all light and is camera shy. These tropical shorts are fun and lightweight and feel like swim shorts. Beach time! You could sub the ankle boots for cool gladiator sandals or even platform sandals as well. 

Date night outfit idea!
This outfit is a lot of fun pairing a band tee with a soft pink maxi skirt. I love the contrast of hard and soft and the platform heels are killer. Add some chain link jewelry and large cocktail rings for the finishing touches. The clutch is black velvet and was my grandmothers. She bought it in Houston and used it for special occasions like date night or teachers conferences she attended. The clutch is 56 years old! Not quite as old as Mick Jagger but holding up much better.

There are a few outfits to get you through the week. Style on little warriors!

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