Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wintertime Blues

It's 2014 warriors and I haven't blogged nearly enough. It's a new year and society dictates we start new things or form new habits or get a gym membership. I, for one, find youtube videos very effective in place of gym memberships and I don't have to worry about judgmental stares.
Really, I haven't been blogging because I've been a sartorial slump lately and I'm going to first blame the weather. It has snowed almost everyday here in Colorado and the cold really doesn't lend itself to creative wardrobe choices. My biggest decision in the morning is whether or not I want to wear leggings for the fourth time this week. They're starting to show wear and can't take it anymore!

I would love to wear a skirt or dress and then I remember my legs haven't seen the sun in months. Vampire chic isn't sounding so bad these days. I really don't feel like blinding my friends and coworkers with my glistening paleness. Actually, they might start to worry about my blood flow and whether or not I'm getting enough nutrients or oxygen for that matter. (This is really turning into a Stephanie Meyer novel, no more vampire references)!

Work has also been a wardrobe stressor on me. I work with clothes all day and they are mostly trendy and new and you'd think I'd be inspired everyday, but no. I worry about dressing cool and fashionably every morning and trying to stay true to myself and end up falling flat. I need to be comfortable at work because I'm usually running around lugging ladders and huge hand fulls of clothes and pushing and pulling giant rolling racks. I have to be able to move around is what I'm saying and my personal style really doesn't allow for that so now I feel as if I've lost a bit of who I am. I don't know how to style myself and I think that is the most depressing part...on top of the weather. I know there's such thing as SAD, but can someone have FAD, fashionable affective disorder?

My goal is to keep blogging to hopefully raise my spirits and maybe find some inspiration. I also need to keep up with my mounting pile of magazines. They are starting to look a little precarious sitting on my bookshelf.

I've decided to scour style.com and post some pictures that are sure to get some creative juices flowing and I hope you enjoy them. Also, I hope I didn't depress anybody else with my fashion sadness.

Beautiful picture time! 

ooooh! pretty

Awww, color!

"show me your best moody model face. That's it!"

Metallic shorts!...and a weird shirt-tail-thing

Skirt= want

sooo kewl, you guys

Okay, so minus the face, i.e. hair and makeup, I really liked the print on this dress

Skirt= also want

jacket, jacket, jacket!


Now this I could definitely wear to work, minus the sock tights goin' on here

love, love the shorts
Ahhhh, I feel much better now. Although, now I'm a little more excited for spring to start. This will just have to tie me over for the next two or three months.

Style on little warriors!

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