Thursday, February 20, 2014

I loves me some samples

I must first start by giving a huge shout out to a wonderful person who deserves so much more than a shout out. This woman has, from the moment I told her about my blog, pushed me to keep writing and posting. So much so that I was worried she might scold me if I hadn't written in awhile. That's really all it takes for me, a stern look and I'm on it! This wonderful person is named Thao, we call her Thao like Wow, and this post is dedicated to her.

This post is her idea and I love it already because it actually makes it easier on me to come up with a topic. Thao has been bugging me to review Birchbox products on my blog and it's not a bad idea! I haven't subscribed yet, but she has and has been so gracious enough to lend me this months products. She is also subscribed to another similar service called Ipsy and I shall be reviewing both.

First off, if you are not familiar with either of these online companies they are online sample providers. You subscribe to each for $10 a month to receive sample sizes of different products ranging from beauty and skincare to food and small gifts. Ipsy is exclusive to beauty products but the goal of each website is to send you different brands that you might not be familiar with. Maybe you've been thinking about trying a brand but don't want to invest in it without knowing about the product. The idea is genius and the price is great.

I checked out both websites to learn more about them and how they worked and the type of products they might send my way. I started with Ipsy and was pleasantly surprised when it took me through a quiz to create a more personalized monthly package. I don't really want a ton of foundation samples for the wrong skin color or a bunch of brightly colored eyeshadows that I will never use. I took the quiz which asks questions about your personal style, products you like and would like to know more about and basic things like eye, hair and skin color. I'm really excited to try this service out because I'm such a sucker for samples and new beauty products. In this months 'Glam Bag' as they call it are five different products. Each month Ipsy also includes a cute little bag that is different every time to carry all your new treasures in.

In this bag we have Pacifica body butter in Hawaiian Ruby Guava. The smell is sweet and fruity and it didn't leave my hands feeling greasy. Next, we have Be Matte Blush by City Color in Fresh Melon. The color is nice and bright and similar to my blush color I use right now. Then there is an eyeshadow tint by 'Tini Beauty in Ambrosia, a warm and kind of bronzy taupe color. Next included is a lip plump by Pop in peony petal. It has a little bit of shimmer and is supposed to have the lasting stay of a stain but leaves a glossy finish. Lastly, we have Zoya nail polish in Odette this pretty purple color that almost could be a nice neutral color. It look like a nice fall nail color or even spring time.

Moving on to Birchbox we have more beauty products! I will say while taking a look at the products they are a bit nicer compared to Ipsy, but I'm also familiar with the brand names included. We have Benefit Fake Up an undereye concealer that promises to make you look more alive in the morning, something I definitely need. Then we have and OPI topcoat that has a subtle tint to it and creates a high shine finish on your nail color. Next is Dr. Brandt Pores No More pore refiner that creates a matte finish and reduces oil, again something I really need in my life. Also, I know Dr. Brandt products are super nice so to even get a sample seems really special. Lastly, there is Agave Healing Oil Treatment for your tired tresses. I've never used an oil treatment on my hair because 1) it sounds weird and kind of gross and 2) I think my hair gets oily enough on it's own. I think this would work best for curly or frizzy hair types. Birchbox also includes a beauty extra and in this months box there is a small sample of Benefit primer called Big Easy that you apply after your moisturizer to even out and balance your skin.

Both websites deliver a pretty nice package and the miniature size of the products makes everything better in my humble opinion. I am now highly considering subscribing to both websites, because I can't resist a good sample package! Go check each of them out and style on!

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