Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mastering the Trend: Minimalist

My favorite trend for the past few seasons has been the minimalist or normcore look. I'm glad to find its managed to stick around for summer. I love the clean lines and simple color palettes, they really are still fresh and new for the summer. It also makes it slightly easier to get dressed in the morning; knowing I just need to balance something oversized like a white button down oxford with skinny pants. Maybe it's a sign I'm growing up and prefer simpler silhouettes as opposed to the festival look that never seems to go away. You can read my rant about it here. What I really love is it seems so fashion forward and almost a little European in the nordic IKEA sense. I imagine tall blondes who own art galleries and snack on salted fish love this look. I'll take it without the fish.

Below are some looks to help you find inspiration for the minimalist look this summer. The key is to find pieces in lightweight fabrics so you can still layer them. Also, the flatform sandal is your new friend, the most comfortable thing you'll wear this season.

I love the origami culottes, one of the biggest trends this season. Culottes are on my shopping list as well as a bucket bag like the one above. Wearing white on white is chic and easy, I added the pop of pink to break it up a bit.

I might be taking a few liberties with this look incorporating the gladiator sandals. They are very on trend for the summer and the simple look of this pair work well with the button down dress. A white structured cross-body adds a nice pop to the subdued color palette. 

Overalls are here for the summer! Pair them with a cut-out tank and some comfy but cool sneakers and you're ready to hit the streets. Backpacks are very popular for the minimalist look and their easy to carry - no more shoulder pain!

The minimalist look is pretty simple (minimal, if you will) and gives a fresh look to your summer wardrobe. I hope these looks lend some inspiration for your next shopping trip.

All of these looks were created on Polyvore, you can check out my other looks here. Don't forget to share this article with friends and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @jgibbsy.

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  1. Jess love these looks.. They'd look great on you... Not a fan of the flat sandals however....:) miss you so much!!! xxxx oooo