Saturday, May 2, 2015

In need of some Spring outfit inspo

I suppose I should probably start by saying how ridiculously lazy I've been about updating this blog. It's been months and I've completely neglected to post anything. I suppose I've been feeling uninspired, which is how I usually feel around this time of year. Between seasons I have a tough time figuring out what to wear because the temperature has more mood changes than The Real Housewives of Pick Your Favorite City.

I want to wear something spring-like made of light weight flowy fabrics and possibly shorts, but then I see my legs that haven't seen the sun in months. I become self conscious then afraid the temperature is going to drop and I give up pulling on my skinny jeans that have become a second skin. In the morning I stare at my closet listlessly trying to suppress the dreadful thought that comes across many a fashion girls mind 'I have nothing to wear.' I have been trying to make a conscious effort not to let those words cross my mind or lips because it simply isn't true. Most would say I have too many clothes, though I would argue that's not an actual thing and they can shut it.

I started grabbing whatever and threw it up there, it makes no sense together
Feeling uninspired and tired of combing through online magazines and fashion blogs I decided to start pulling things out of my closet that caught my eye. I threw them onto my clothing rack to start making flat lay outfits. It's sort of like shopping your closet; you start to see things you may have forgotten or be completely surprised not realizing you actually purchased that top. I figured flat lays would be an easy start to get back into blogging so below I've posted five different spring outfits for inspiration.

I am in love with the fringe trend going on, it makes me so happy for the simple reason I called it back in December that fringe was going to be the next trend. I've been searching for a fringe handbag lately so I could have a small part of the trend in my wardrobe, but then I came across this jacket. I was hesitant at first, not sure if I could pull it off. I slipped it on and it fit perfectly and wasn't as flashy as I was afraid of. Be sure you don't mind the spotlight or attention when rocking fringe, because it definitely calls upon one to rock when wearing it.

I added a flowy dress and biker boots for an Americana look

I've read from different parts of the interwebz that normcore is going out of style, but I say nay! Normcore is here to least until the end of spring. This is my favorite trend right now and yes, I realize I wrote trend, something that is fleeting in fashion. I don't care though, I'm going to wear and love this simplistic and high fashion street style for - many more months. It's so comfortable and chic and you can wear sneakers as part of the look. Who doesn't love comfort footwear?!

Sexy comfort...with Birkenstock's

This next outfit is kind of dark for spring time but I'm in love with this dress and can't wait to wear it. I'm thinking of wearing it out at night when it's a bit cooler and I'll need a leather jacket. This look just says cool girl to me, so I'm hoping I can pull it off and no one questions my 'coolness'.

I love the white on white look and I can't resist a white button down. This look I'm actually excited to wear because of how effortless it is. Now I need to tan my legs so they're a shade darker than the shorts, which will be a challenge.

I needed a little color so I added the statement necklace for statement making purposes

This last look is comfy and very very flowy so I'll have to make sure it's not too windy or I'll feel like a parachute. The soft shorts are so comfortable and have a bit of a high rise to them so I can pair them with crop tops. I love the print on this kimono, it's a small digital floral print that's less bohemian and more feminine.

I'm feeling a little better about my wardrobe choices now, but I will still have those days not knowing what to wear. Hopefully now they will be a lot fewer.

Style on little warriors!

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